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    Reginald Groove Archie, born February 8, 1986, is an American recording artist. The young singer, dancer, songwriter grew up in the Magic City, Birmingham, Alabama, getting his start in the church. While enjoying singing in the church, Reginald came across many greats that inspired him and his vocal talents, such as: Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Sam Cook, Nat Cole, Frank Sinatra, Mint Condition, and Earth, Wind, and Fire. He also honed into his talents as a dancer by imitating Michael Jackson, James Brown, and famous break dancers like Poppin Pete, Mouse, and Boog-A-Loo Shrimp.
    Evolving more into the music world, Reginald started performing locally with the band Yung Vokalz and Precision Grooves (Y.V.P.G), and slowly started conquering the souths music scene. As well as performing with Y.V.P.G., Groove is now also performing solo with 5th Element Nation as his band. While working on his own project, he is also singing background for Grammy nominated soul singer/songwriter Calvin Richardson.
    Unsigned Groove is on a rise to the top of the charts and patiently waiting on the right opportunity to be sky rocketed to the next plateau.
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    Breakdancing Shooting pool learning the acoustic guitar and piano
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