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  1. Hospitalize Fallen on hard times https://t.co/rZjinou5w8

  2. RT @RLM_3: O'Mara is about to play the Schumaker animation video that Good helped with. #J4TM #Trayvon #ZimmermanTrial

  3. RT @Kandi: #tbt just found my old cassette tape of The Jets. I loved their music when I was a kid. http://t.co/DFNUBT0G5y

  4. RT @RLM_3: Bernie de la Rionda: Trayvon was in community legally. He was minding his own business. #J4TM #Trayvon #ZimmermanTrial

  5. RT @TMZ: Randy Travis -- Get Well Phone Call From CHUCK NORRIS!!! http://t.co/3QmsbaXIbl

  6. Good night tweeters, God bless you all thank you Lord for a awesome day that was not promise to us, I love everybody!!!

  7. RT @LoraneGordon: Declare out loud, "today is a beautiful day! I'm living, loving, creating & making a positive difference!" Lorane Gordon

  8. RT @THELILMOSHOW: Thank YOU for tuning in to #rbdivasLA see YOU next week

  9. RT @RobinRoberts: Good times...funny movie!“@happymadison: The #Grownups2 boys with @SHAQ on @GMA @RobinRoberts @DavidSpade #westcoast http…

  10. artist/rapper his name is "THaDRO" if is writer and make some beats I am trying to get his music heard"help" http://t.co/LvGjhINMcu

  11. RT @HelpArtists: Beyoncé (@Beyoncé) Covered in Glitter for Flaunt Magazine http://t.co/mIe90Wt7Um

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