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    Rapping, Rhyming, Writing, Cyphering, Recording etc.
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  2. Youtube Indie Support

    Hey there. I'm Iron-M.I.C. (eMcee In Control) If you would like to network, build your youtube pages, interact with one another's content, and expand our market bases... we should hit each others youtubes up. You can find my youtube page at www.youtube.com/ironmictv
  3. Legitimate Freestyle Artists

    Hi. My name is Iron-M.I.C. (eMcee In Control) I specialize in improve, jam session, cyphers, and freestyle music. If you like to connect, spontaneously, randomly, pushing creation, and making a chemistry on the spot, off the top of the dome, and can innovate... please feel free to hit me up on here. Or you can reach me at your favorite platform. Instagram User @ironmic215 Vine User @ironmic215 Soundcloud User @ironmic215 Reverbnation User @ironmic215 Twitter User @ironmic215 Facebook User @ironmic215
  4. youre not in a position to do that. KNOE DAT. my clout this time next year can fade thee into black mist. #itsiron

  5. hood shots. get yours for happy hour. can you believe this is a city block??? no houses. no… http://t.co/3EBIinIOyY

  6. Im done. Folks act as if they really DONT get it. like something is going to fall into their lap. As an act of true TOUGH love... dedicated comrades I advise you not to "interact" with my peoples out there drinking they own selfish Koolaid out there. Art and egomaniacs are real yo. being a professional and understanding nuances means much more to me than people that fill their heads with the Im RIGHT IM right fasade. If Im still learning, honestly how much do you think you KNOW? #itsiron

  7. I have worked with talents from germany, to new england, atlantic city, australia, new zealand, camden, south Jersey, south carolina etc... because I love hearing folks out. and im so anti industry... the right way is to open doors.

  8. twitter made me feel slightly better. #itsiron

  9. I hope I didnt lose yaw. Im very loving. I hate scams. and above all else, when people are just nasty for no reason. I back packed damn near 60 miles in farmland, just to make it to a city I know NOTHING about, all in return to be completely the way that I expect to treat people... the RIGHT way. #itsiron

  10. going to write for the first time in the new lands today. #forgotabouthebull coming soon. #itsiron

  11. RAH!! Lasers in my fucking eyes. yaw talk that $$$$ bullshit all on social media. the fire is in my eyes. Kobe Bryant ice water veins. for my fucking team. to enrich my community. show you deluded fools how a little kind gestures can make VOLUMES every where a long way. #itsiron

  12. Just joined the green party over here. theres a lot of stuff to get into. #itsiron