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  1. Double A(@ItsDoubleA) "First 48: Dallas" Double A - First 48 (Produced by 3's Company).mp3 - File Shared from Box.net - Free Online File Storage Produced by: 3's Company (@ThreezCompany) You can find more Double A music in his "Line 'Em Up" mixtape ( Double A Line Em Up - That Crack ) which dropped in March and his upcoming "Destroy and Rebuild" tape w/ Slip-n-Slide/Fleet DJ's coming this month.
  2. Download 3's Company's "Shy Chick" Service Pack ---|} MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service featuring Clean, Dirty, Instrumentals, and Drops! D/L NOW! or visit www.mediafire.com/JuiceOwens Thanks for all the support on the record! Contact me if you need anything.
  3. Here is Dallas' Best Rapper and CTE Affiliate, Double A goin in on "All The Way Turnt Up" 01 Got Me Fucked Up.mp3 - File Shared from Box.net - Free Online File Storage Link: "Line 'Em Up" w/ Definition DJ Papa Ron: http://bit.ly/cWJHZD [untagged Material!!!]
  4. Here's the CLEAN EDIT: http://bit.ly/b1VcFM Appreciate all the love that has been shown on this record. Lets keep it rollin! For Booking, Production, Features, etc Contact Info: Marcus Juice Owens 214 394 5383 geekeduppromotions@gmail.com www.twitter.com/JuiceOwens Thank You.
  5. Double A (NST/CTE) goes in on the Young Black "That Pipe" record Box.net link: http://bit.ly/4yfSyK Youtube.com link: http://bit.ly/8F9v22 Double A is staking his claim as Dallas' Best Rapper w/ his "Line 'Em Up" mixtape w/ Definition DJ Papa Ron & Go DJ Lucky, he'll be goin in on Dallas' current hits and classics! Stay tuned.
  6. @DJMex101 appreciate it...is it somthin u can work with?? and here is a quicker link on box.net: http://bit.ly/7eX6qL
  7. Here is "Gimme Room" ft. H-Dot, a leak & potential single from Double A http://bit.ly/6pIIOw For booking, features, etc... contact Marcus Juice Owens @ 214 394 5383 or geekeduppromotions@gmail.com Feedback please.
  8. @ Ced So Thoed Appreciate the love...i'll get tht clean to you asap...how is the record working for u so far??
  9. Here is a 3's Company leak that can pop in the clubs! Feel free to do what you like with this track 3's Company "Shy Chick" Produced by: 2Much http://bit.ly/2DiVrs Give feedback. 3's Company is coming outta Dallas, Texas. They're a group of producers/artists, members being: Giorgio, Chedda, and Cali Boi. ... Contact info: www.twitter.com/ThreezCompany www.myspace.com/ladtown Promo Manager: Marcus Juice Owens 214 394 5383 geekeduppromotions@gmail.com www.twitter.com/JuiceOwens
  10. Datpiff.Com link to Double A's "At The Crib 27" with KympKamp/HustleSquad DJ Slikk http://bit.ly/xidJw Thatcrack.com link: http://bit.ly/1gAGqa Double A is more than a single! listen to his latest mixtape! It dropped last monday and has amassed nearly 2,000 listens and 1,500 downloads!!
  11. @DJMaulyT, @YoungCocaine @DJMex Here is the Corrected link for the Dirty Version: Double A "A-List" (Dirty) http://www.zshare.net/audio/66354431dc2db05c/ Lets get it going! How the record doing for you??
  12. Here is the CLEAN VERSION of Double A's "A-List" http://www.zshare.net/audio/66344438f9be1a2a/ LETS GET IT GOING! HOLLA AT ME IF U NEED ANYTHING..
  13. Ok at DJ Murdock i respect tht..ima get tht clean version out asap. and DJ Sida email me the drop script GeekedUpPromotions@gmail.com
  14. i will get it to you asap..we dont hav one now tho..we need to get it cleaned up..hav you been able to work w/ the dirty version tho??
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