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  1. @Royceda59 @LukeCage just started watching the first episode seems like a good series

  2. https://t.co/Y6FJzGplBA

  3. Ace Dna - Genesis (The Pretape) :: http://t.co/QZhFiqr7cZ FOLLOW @baddnaradio

  4. if all you talk about is negative shit violence and drugs in your music your not an artist your just a clone of another rapper #100 #FTO

  5. s/o to all the stick up the ass djs who think they the shit when in reality they aint

  6. if you pay for the views u got on youtube your a fake

  7. Genesis (The Pretape) :: http://t.co/QZhFiqr7cZ FOLLOW @baddnaradio The Renessaince coming soon follow @micbaddnaradio

  8. RT @BigZaddyJay__: Gawd y'all some broke boys

  9. “@__Lanaye: Don't fuck with ppl who fuck with ppl you don't fuck with ; cus ppl that eat together, speak together && guess who's the topic "

  10. On my own shit, fuck what you on

  11. your not worth the time..

  12. “@TrapPat: My ex? You can have that shit”

  13. i need a bad bitch who aint average