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  1. It may be wise to stick to your position today, but you can in... More for Aquarius https://t.co/57YumjEgZz

  2. You're guardedly optimistic about your future, even if you kno... More for Aquarius https://t.co/eBXwSgmOUT

  3. Didn't realize my neighbours sprinkler was on and I didn't hear it because head phones and now Im soaked. Only i would walk into a sprinkler

  4. RT @JacobWhitesides: You guys inspire me so much.

  5. RT @JacobWhitesides: LOVED THAT ENERGY!!! You guys are the bomb. I love you so much, seriously. :) Kisses!!!

  6. RT @AustinMahone: Singing some Usher in the stairwell at 961 Kiss in Pittsburgh! http://t.co/Q9SwSV6Rch

  7. YaY @JacobWhitesides only 20m left, I love you

  8. 14 years and a singer/songwriter