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    After not seeing his mother since the age of 14. Mike Scruggs became Dedicated to surviving. Being Charismatic, and a striving Perfectionist Mike Scruggs started spittin @ da age of 15 n da SOUTHSIDE of CHATTANOOGA, TN. His 4 brothers all were spittin n free stylin but not actual artists. Dey encouraged Mike Scruggs 2 freestyle abt real life scenarios they were all going through at the time. So 15 years old he began 2 write songs with da Kings of the Streets aka Cut Throats group including his brothers n him. Dey dropped 2 mix tapes, Streets are Watchin Part 1 n Part 2. @ da age of 17 Mike Scruggs graduated from Howard School and in August 2006 he attended his freshman year @ MTSU. After dropping the album CLOSE 2 EXTINCTION with P.I.W.A. in late 2007, Mike Scruggs felt as though he didnt have as much Music n da streets as he thought he should so in 2008 he dropped da official underground mixtape, SCRUGGS LIFE. After creating a buzz from the album & mixtape Mike Scruggs dropped SCRUGGS LIFE PT. 2 n 2009 South Streets of Chattanooga. Mike Scruggs ended up getting 3 semesters behind @ MTSU & came close to quitting however after balancing certain circumstances he stayed & graduated from MTSU inDecember 2012. Nevertheless, Mike Scruggs has released several videos on youtube . com / MikeScruggsTV from his Latest Mixtape, "NEW CHATT CITY" vol.1: THA CORTEZ. Wit plans on moving 2 Atlanta after graduation Mike Scruggs feels as though he has the potential to create a Major Buzz n da current Music Industry. GO DOWNLOAD - NEW CHATT CITY - RIGHT NOW

    Via http://www.reverbnation.com/SouthChattKidd

    "$outh Chatt' Kidd ☁✈ hosted by TRAP-A-HOLICS The OFFICIAL MIXTAPE"
    BY @SouthChattKidd

    COMING 2013
  1. I'm Motivated by da Struggle x I Hate to Lose https://t.co/yoB2uHTm5s

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  6. Vladi Dadi has a show on 07/06/2013 at 08:00 PM @ The Boom Boom Room in Nashville, TN... http://t.co/hNCpfPA2Kp

  7. Vladi Dadi has a show on 07/06/2013 at 08:00 PM @ The Boom Boom Room in Nashville, TN... http://t.co/8rILLLkY3j