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    While studying at the famous Berklee College of Music, the 20 year-old Greek-Zambian composer, film scorer, music producer and pianist Eleftherios Mukuka focuses on writing and exploring music that brings together the Greek traditional/Byzantine and Arabic music with the Sub-Saharan African and Jazz music, in both classical and Electronic music form. His diversity in genre and innovative approaches to fusion music keep his listeners excited and culturally unbound. Eleftherios has performed in Zambia, Greece and the USA.
  1. RT @kikisingszed: https://t.co/wxJ6ELuv80 Best new song by local talent @elmukuka - lift your Sunday vibe by giving it a listen. It's beaut…

  2. Haha! ? https://t.co/6KTUSzT2W9

  3. RT @MaxFabianRu: Big thanx to @elmukuka for great vocals for my music ideas! http://t.co/1BqMkBESyB

  4. Check out Adam Cooper's amazing remix of my song "Heart (feat. Alan Thompson) my friends! ;)) http://t.co/sjhFz5CLKt on #SoundCloud

  5. Happy 4th of April to all my American friends! :))