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    Saint Lucia
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    HipHop,Rap Artist | Songwriter
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    Im A 18 year old HipHop/Rap songwriter from St. Lucia (Caribbean),who have various talents & a passion for writing & recording music. Follow Me @Juvywiz On Twitter All my thoughts and feelings are expressed thru my music. Aint no body feeling the pain i do when im alone so dont judge me, you have no idea what i've been thru.
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    Music,Graphic Designing,Photography,Music Promotions
  1. RT @_Anita_Justice: When people won't let me use they're wifi

  2. RT @_AsiaGonzalez: If they hate then let em' hate & watch the money pile up.

  3. Some things i mite say or do may be bad or just not too good...

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  5. Juvy Wiz #Hopes&Dream Mixtape

    this is the link to my new mixtape http://www.hotnewhiphop.com/juvywiz-h-o-p-e-s-and-d-r-e-a-m-mixtape.88488.html