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  1. ICYMI RT @iChuff: This is a brilliant use of Vine https://t.co/q4qCsuVHdA

  2. RT @itvnews: More than half of patients believe taxes should rise to pay for future NHS care|»How many of them actually pay tax already tho?

  3. I've always thought Yoker was an odd name for a place.

  4. RT @thetimes: A fifth of Scots believe that jam counts as one of your five a day |» It *doesn't*?

  5. Brilliant! Bolt and Bolt. What are the odds on that? (via @AFP) http://t.co/6or3LOvBaf

  6. Heading back to the shire. Another 24hr trip done and dusted.

  7. #NowPlaying - This is NEW – Katy Perry "Roar" at @gaydio #NP @katyperry

  8. RT @gaydio There is NO COFFEE left at Gaydio Towers! Noooooooooooooooooo! |> Noooooooooooooooooooooo!

  9. Advance Warning: at 1pm on @gaydio NEW Katy Perry, the Wanted, Cash Cash, Dirty South, Little Boots & 2 NEW Jessie J songs

  10. Happy #GingerPride for those celebrating in Edinburgh.

  11. RT @standardnews: Rolf Harris faces new allegations |» Do you know what they are yet?

  12. RT @digitalspy: Miley Cyrus has described Blackpool as the "weirdest" place she has ever visited |» #NoShitSherlock

  13. RT @DJDannyAvila: What is there to do in NYC? ?jj Nothing much; I'd stay in your hotel & read a book *BlankFace*

  14. RT @BBCNews: Monday's Sun: "Men down: Army is dangerously under-manned" |» I think the sexist twats mean understaffed.