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  1. RT @Sallyyy___: If you know of any kids who walk to and from school who may be in need of any winter wear (jacket, gloves, scarfs, etc) con…

  2. #2kfreeagent 99 GUARD & 99 PF #XBOXONE

  3. probably lost his virginity lol RT @Hated_by_many92 Shakor has to be the funniest nd happiest right now !!!! Something has gotten into him

  4. RT @Bdell1014 Never trust a chick that says "Just doing me" cause she really out here doing every nigga. Stay woke my niggas.

  5. Females be hitting niggas with the run around and we allow it. They get a kick outa that shit

  6. RT @iDntWearCondoms I knew my girl was cheating when "

  7. Sounds kinda gay to me RT @Jus_CallMeTcarr RT“@Charlie_Dinero: I allways wanted my dick sucked from the back”

  8. Plumlee and hardaway to Milwaukee

  9. This Spanish milf on the stand is a clutch witness for the prosecution