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  1. RT @MarieJbaby: Things get better and God is definitely on your side.

  2. RT @danie_nicole23: You already know that we Mary fly though ? @4chianno

  3. RT @JansonSmithU92: @BradyBGolden I got me a new pre game song now

  4. Fuck a tooka Gang! I Let this ruger Bang! *Bang Bangs*

  5. RT @dat_boy_kriket: Finna unfollow all major Tulsa hoes

  6. These Hoes dont gangbang anyway wtf

  7. RT @Yes_ItsDEAH: @BradyBGolden you welcome brady! It was really good tho fr

  8. RT @KINGLilKeis: You will be Successful.

  9. RT @sugarplum61085: @BradyBGolden welcome! keep it up. i love your voice and style