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  1. what kinda man orders a grand marnier by itself ........

  2. to nap then workout or to start drinkin .........

  3. when a girl tells me she likes gin

  4. talk shit Ruffin RT @Theycallmevert: @Jameson_Sackey say one more thing about the rams bruh

  5. RT @Theycallmevert: might have to turn back up wit @pacmajorleague in a couple weeks

  6. young nigga at flemmings

  7. Parenting Fail: WTF did Kanye & Kim name their baby?! http://t.co/EruUfIuMKk

  8. RT @channing89: @Holliewood_TDMG Brittany and I should be there on Saturday for a rematch lol!

  9. I hit when I'm ready

  10. Amanda Bynes vs Miley Cyrus!! http://t.co/F92lLThCD3

  11. Is This Kanye West's SIDE CHICK!? http://t.co/B4P6HaF3bH

  12. RT @Celia_OvOxO: #RP Come see me at Manor on Saturday for a beer pong tournament !! $10 a team #houston http://t.co/24gAK8oQeh