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  1. https://t.co/S8yAumdRGz

  2. I stopped looking for "Love"/ And started looking for the"Plug"/ Stop worrying bout the feelings/ Started... https://t.co/bwZS6UQhwC

  3. Check out Drop Dance produced by Suicide Red by Propane(Tha Savage Prince of Boss City) http://t.co/RkaIrlK6rc

  4. Ridin around wit my click, millitary organized wit our fitz./Charm heavier than yo chick, so naturally she... http://t.co/Bvz9FFK3Tf

  5. Asking God to help me with my future decisions and to guide my sight on the correct path.So many things in life... http://t.co/fdDXxK6VNL

  6. U know how we do it!! L.A.Recordz http://t.co/BQG8QTV7Oq

  7. L.A.RECORDZPropane suited for whateva...lol http://t.co/tfsp1GhruM