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    I go by Xircus . Music is everything I am and I couldn't ask for anything more. Been producing all sorts of Electronic Dance Music for about 3 years now, playing guitar, bass and drums for almost 10. I make mainly Dubstep, Moombahcore, Electro/ House and some Drumstep. Please Like and Follow if you guys like what you hear. I progress everyday so I promise i'll do my best not to disappoint Thanks guys!
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    Games, Watersports, Music, Bass
  1. One away from 200 on soundcloud! What dobyou gius wanna hear the finished Slenderman or Trollpower?

  2. It makes me laugh that people said disco died and is never coming back. What do you think #edm is? its roots 4 to the floor stem from disco.

  3. Omg this vip is gonna be so nasty