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  1. What you don't appreciate someone else will so don't ever get it twisted

  2. Instagram survey ? Not even about it

  3. When I meet crazy people I just play it cool til I can take the 1st exit out that situationGotta watch your moves you never know w/crazy!

  4. These chicks yall be sayin bad as fuck with tan skin black hair blue eyes #FAKE get real. #natural

  5. Makin the ultimate meal for mine!

  6. "@DJ_JFK_: @AngelikaJoliexo #nowfollowing DOPE MUSIC!!!" Thank you xo

  7. RT @PolishProblems_: Mama says you'll get sick if you don't wear skarpetki. #polishproblems

  8. RT @SlashBillsNow: @AngelikaJoliexo @ReverbNation Nice tunes AJ. I think you got something going on.

  9. RT @HoodzConnect: @StuddaG @HoodzConnect @MISSISSIPPIemj performing live august 15th New Orleans La more details coming soon!!! #rt

  10. Where can I send them mp3s #rap