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  1. RT @6kFly: Listen to #TrapTalk x 6kFly by 6kFly #np on #SoundCloud ??? https://t.co/HdTb1NxeUX

  2. RT @LOUD_PACK_CHUM: 6kfly's video https://t.co/SSFCZs787z

  3. RT @773gmoney: @6kFly What up do u want get your song push out there doing sxsw & 4 big music sites ? #SeriousInquiriesOnly

  4. Young nigga on google top search http://t.co/clHRhGbFFu

  5. Im Starving -Kayla

  6. We on that rap sht

  7. i know how im fina blow

  8. Juwon tweet the realest sht i swear lol