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  1. Listen to the Gold The Gold is the third single off of +'D's upcoming EP titled "The 4:58am EP". The Project is geared towards creating a mood for after the party, hints the name "4:58am". At that time most clubs in NYC are closed. After a night of energetic & turnt music, +'D plans to put you into that next vibe, hopefully a good one. Stay Tuned. #The458amEP #EOSMC
  2. Gonna drop a single soon !!

  3. i'd rather watch Rihanna in my bed room

  4. @GLYNBRWN Ayee lit. What's good son ?

  5. Listen and download this new Remix of Ilove Makonnen's single "I don't sell molly no more" on Soundcloud . Feel free to comment and let me know what you guys think. DJ Added. Instagram/addedrankz twitter.com/djadded https://soundcloud.com/djadded/mollynomo
  6. Check Out DJ +'D's Booty Bass Edit of Rae Sremmurd New Single No Type! Enjoy. Listen & Download on https://soundcloud.com/djadded/notype
  7. This is my shit forreal tho.
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