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  1. https://t.co/wyewnwcg7k

  2. Didnt wear on st patrick's; gonna wait til y'all destroy yall green… https://t.co/TxypPc9pVR

  3. https://t.co/rTy5jIJXoh https://t.co/I1aE2f67gc

  4. reminds me of classic timberland and justin
  5. sounds low quality; sound like the song would be a lot beeter in CDQ
  6. didnt think i'd like this, but i'm kinda diggin this...
  7. All Samples Cleared: The Importance & Rules Of Hip Hop Sampling http://t.co/ZVRu3MwU35 via @hiphopdx

  8. A new favorite: Chicago Freestyle 1 (6 2 2013) by @a9amis http://t.co/xftuM2bYR7 on #SoundCloud

  9. jcole comin with it every time
  10. hot song! been trying to figure out who sang this!
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