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  1. UNDECIDED Breazy... Dope track... mix Shanice back to back Dope track... Mix Shanice in the mix
  2. Busta can't go wrong with anything... This TRACK IS DOPE!!!
  3. Track is Hot! I'm not feeling... Yet.. It's growing on me..
  4. Just loaded on the page.. I'll have to hear it first.. Be back to tell you what I think...
  5. Good pop song.. Kids will love it at this weekends party...
  6. Tight.. Have to play it at a house party coming up.. More feedback later...
  7. Dope beat.. Baseline.. Dope rhymes.. Sounds a little Rick Ross.. Not hatin... Just staten..
  8. Doing a high school back to school pool party this weekend... The Suburban girls will love it... More feedback after the party...
  9. This track will definitely be smashin here in H-Town with some airplay!
  10. Dope... Dance.. Club.. Hip Hop track!!! Will be a hit even in the crossover CHR Market!!!
  11. Nice...Melody...Rhyme.. Dope beat!
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