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    Making Hot Music For The Streets!
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    Street Paper Entertainment is the hottest, indie label/group on the Memphis underground scene. We are available for mixtapes, live shows, features, hooks, etc. Whatever!

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  1. Check it out! https://t.co/18l04y0iP2

  2. Thank you to all the new and loyal followers of Street Paper Entertainment! We're just getting started, reSPEct!

  3. Memphis, Pay Attention!!! https://t.co/Cc2pqNrzpk

  4. Cool track to ride to. Makes my playlist, reSPEct!
  5. 40 Water keeps something fly up his sleeve. Much reSPEct! to this vet! Banga
  6. Nice club tempo to this song. I don't do Thugga songs but I'm making an exception due to Tip and Dro, reSPEct!
  7. Another dope track, this week. This is why Dolph and Squeeky are out West. A part of the new playlist, reSPEct!
  8. Dope song and production. Bout to put this in my playlist, reSPEct!
  9. You have a tight sound, mane. Keep up the good work, reSPEct!
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