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  1. Marcel Alexander - Lay Up @livelitemarcel

    nice artwork
  2. One Hunnit - Reason @one1hunnit

    will see what up wit it will see what up wit it
  3. Wale - My PYT @Wale

    this my shit too
  4. Post Malone - Go Flex @PostMalone

    this my shit
  5. K Camp Ft. 2 Chainz - 5 Minutes @KCamp427 @2chainz

    been banging this for a while
  6. Devontaii Aka D-Man - Slay @dman_beatz @dollyhoodrecord

    nice one thanks will spin
  7. Book of E.L.I - Power!!! @EDMBigstep

    will see what up wit it
  8. real tough adding to crates
  9. Sophi - Medication @gosophi

    thanks greenhitz
  10. Ripcord - 88 @Ripcord

    will see what it do
  11. Lyric Reddick - Wake Up Mr. West @thatmanlyric

    love the artwork
  12. Base AuraGammi - Don't Do It @BaseAura @RubeAura

    will see what it do
  13. T.I. Ft. Marsha Ambrosius - Dope @Tip @MarshaAmbrosius

    love the collabo