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  1. Dorrough "Im From Dallas Remix

  2. Akon ft. Big Meech & Rock City - Time Is Money

    yall sleep'n on this one
  3. not a big fan of swizz, need the acapella
  4. 'Amu Uso Ft. Blu Streets - U Ain't Tambout Shyt

    I guess there is a market for this... somewhere :-\
  5. Xen Nightz Ft. Lil Wayne - In The Zone

    great productions, lyrically mediocre. No dj please or remix it
  6. Playaz Circle Ft. Bobby Valentino - I Cant Remember

    link isn't working for me
  7. Yng 3rd Ft. Young Dro - Let's Get It

    naw folk, strack is better than decent and dro did his thang. truth is dro been fire and shoulda been crossed over. flatshoals standup!
  8. Young Thad Ft. Gucci Mane - Put Me In The Kitchen

    track is above par, follows the formula and has gucci on the track. I wanna be playing this first. thanks for the up
  9. Gucci Mane - Still Breathing

    love the track, need the no dj please!! this formula is getting a bit oversaturated. love what the track do though
  10. Mega Meezy Ft. Jit - Ralph Lauren Mascots (Produced Mike Da Rockman)

    this gets some buzz and it could break. nice club banger
  11. Jump Fresh Klick - What The People Say

    bad song, horrible quality