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  1. you should hear the remix with t.i. that one goes in too
  2. I gotta give it a couple more listens before I include it in any mix. It's a good look so far
  3. well i'm interested in seeing what this one sounds like. hopefully it's as good as her last single....but why the late release for her first album?
  4. Is anyone else spinning this right now? I wanna know how it sounds in a mix show before I give it a few spins Overall it's a good song though
  5. It's okay. Definitely nothing worth adding to a mix show till the end but.....what can I say?
  6. I'm interested to see if anyone used this in a mix yet...other than that, definite Top 10 song this year. I'm calling it
  7. I kinda like the remix better than I do the original. Either way, it's still a good song to spin
  8. TBH I don't know about this song. Not that many DJs spin it, but the select few that do seem to groove to it. I guess it gotta grow on me
  9. i like it. it has a dope beat to it. gotta spin it one time
  10. heard this on the radio. dope
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