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  1. Hope that you can come out tonight to enjoy a great show at Word Of Mouth Mondays at Plush. 13090 Inkster Rd Rdfd. $5 B4 10pm.

  2. 1st Day of School Today but JAN. 22nd #SKOOLZOUTT @UDetroitCafe 6-9PM Be There!! http://t.co/U7skisjK Local @KIDDTHAPRODUCER

  3. CLICK 4 DETAILS --> (http://t.co/kakqT3wJ ) - SKOOLZ OUTT Please Rt

  4. RSVP LIST --> (http://t.co/kakqT3wJ ) - SKOOLZ OUTT Please rT

  5. "@ItsRocy_TTLO: @Who_me_Im_Prez is a really sweet person :)#newfriend lol" I was thinking the same about @ItsRocy_TTLO !!

  6. tune in to http://t.co/iZICljvU 7-9PM TONIGHT ... Its the Black Out Show!!

  7. Yeah well that went just about how I imagined...

  8. "@BIG_GOV: Big Gov- @Big_Gov - One Hit Away.. http://t.co/JUJlGpm8"

  9. "@BIG_GOV: Big Gov - Who Am I (What's My Name) 2012.. http://t.co/0fDPHbIN" The track is dope!

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