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  1. just wished my dad a happy founder's day . Happy Founder's day to da NUPES all over .. especially my TK homies.

  2. been wakin' up wantin' waffle house for da past 3 days ... i think that's God tellin me somethin

  3. RT @WatchWhikey: If your tryN to work a project that you don't believe in 100% you will fail!!

  4. the future is lookin' REAL bright .

  5. i need a REAL vacation ..

  6. man i gotta get my BENIHANNA before i go back to c'ton ...

  7. LMAO -> Video: Lol, Are You On This List!? The Most Dumbest Tweets Of 2011 Pt. 1! http://t.co/ezzTbumP #WSHH via @worldstar

  8. RT @Kid_NoPlay300: “@RELLEDOTCOM: @DjShowtime300 #WorKin ! #TheOldAtlanta drops Wednesday ... knodat”

  9. wide awake .. bout to talk some shit .

  10. damn everybody makin' a voxer today .. it seem like im gettin' notifications every hour . hell goin on

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