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  1. Vistoso Bosses Ft. Waka Flocka Flame - Tatted

    Alright. Not dissin Waka, but that beginning is too much - less Flocka Waka intro is needed. Consider how Akon keeps his promo intro so simple and can't be forgotten. For the tag team girls here, super classy, righteous, catchy, with great vocals. That comment is right on the money - they can sell it all by themselves. Intro 7/10, VB girls 9.5/10.
  2. Grand Hustle Presents... Spodee

    Maybe I'm readin too much in to it, or just reacting to the audio, but when some of the tracks start off, it sounds like something is about to explode. Are you holding back worried about the feel? Don't be, the audio and lyrics are there - fire it off that voice! Otherwise, some nice tracks.
  3. Spodee - Don't Do It (Produced by C-Gutta)

    Definitely something to the sound that has been missing from a lot of other artists. Don't be afraid to get creative - that's what the masses want.
  4. Jay-Z Ft. Young Jeezy - Real As It Gets

    Dead links. Copyright infringement? Enough said...
  5. Ciara - Like A Surgeon

    Nice and slow. I'd like to hear some more of her in something rhythmic. Something to get the butts moving, ya know?
  6. Lyrical remix is a keeper. Need to dub out the back ground though - doesn't do much by itself. Good start. But, like any other prod would say, it doesn't bring anything new.
  7. Smooth delivery and crisp. This one has a little too much sound affects. You got a voice, so back it up with an epic track! Look forward to more.
  8. Them Concrete Boyz - Hey How You Doing

    You katz have great classic harmony. But, some better structure (not much, just a bit) and muzak will go a long way to add something to what you got. Just my two pennies. Props!
  9. Maxx Calzz Ft. Giovanni - Imma Jerk (Remix)

    Creative remix. Better than the original which needed something extra.
  10. Mariah Carey Ft. Gucci Mane - Obsessed (Remix)

    It's Mariah, again, in her finest (loooord have mercy...that cover shot pose)! You can do a lot with the track, so get it dun! Props and drops!
  11. Lil' Wayne - No Quitter, Go Getter

    Might be time for a new twist to L-Dub's show. Now that he's walking on marble, let's see if he can bring some hunger back in to the mix.
  12. Despite the drama, Jeezy has a strong voice, but often seems to be searching for a theme or direction. It's that lack of direction that hurts the end product. Happens all too often in the muzak.
  13. Ciara Ft. Missy Elliot - Work

    It changes beats at least 4 times. Goes from steady club to trance. There's a few parts that'll show up in a remix. Not sure the clubs are ready for this quick a transition (despite their race). Thanks for the song!
  14. Akon - Be With You

    It's Akon - THE alien of sound. What else is there to say?
  15. Gucci Mane - Fresh Out (Produced by Zaytoven)

    Not bad, not bad. Need to bring the music and voice over up a bit. Bold tracks get noticed!