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  1. I'm going thru something in life but #pussy&patron make it feel so right

  2. Girl Stop Playing by Fly Paper Gang - Uploaded by: Romulus McDowell - @TheRealRMack: http://t.co/Yd6zK36v via @AddThis

  3. Still n the lab who work harder than me

  4. jus finished a song wit @NikeTooTall and @ejlee32 called "girl stop playin with me" #FlyPaperEntertainment

  5. Might think I'm #nasty but I wanna eat some #pussy #lmao

  6. No one follow @1omarion i dont kno that guy anymore lol

  7. Video: This Is A Real Azz Song: Legit - A N*gger In Northface http://t.co/RczgyP0x

  8. Fly Paper Gangs new song Inked Up.Verse1@therealrmack Verse2@PeeMcFly verse3@ejlee32 and verse4@niketootall http://t.co/tYMK0n1U

  9. Fly Paper Gang-Inked Up by Romulus Cardrea McDowell via #soundcloud http://t.co/dpoIT7YL

  10. What am I gone do 2day

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