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  1. Outside wit ma lil face

  2. Dont Stand Me Up Tho.

  3. Im hot as shit on this bus tho

  4. The Newly Discovered Planet #Kepler ?

  5. Ma bed comfortable >>>

  6. I gotta f*ckin test monday -_-

  7. I Need 2 Move Somewhere Where #ItsAlwaysSunny

  8. Yea, I think Its Bout Time I Make Somethin 2 Eat

  9. I want ma bestii back tho -_-

  10. Yo @Kels_UpTown, I Made This Tuff Ass Cypher Beat 4 u, Imma Record Somethin On The First Verse, Rd?

  11. Now im yawyin like crazy

  12. Work my way up, im right where i need 2 be

  13. Ppl Always Wanna FUCKIN Play...

  14. #Dat1TimeWhen everybody talkin then it get quite outta no where

  15. We speakin the same if u talkin Money

  16. She was gonna skeem

  17. Somethin Happens Every Min Of The Day =0

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