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  1. #ff @2stepsaheadent ...I know it aint friday, shut up! Lol

  2. My new sounds: Saturday Jan. 14th at Sol Aztecas -Stepping Up the Night Life- http://t.co/u3BWWcrD on #SoundCloud

  3. My new sounds: 1-14-12 60 Sec 2 Steps Ahead http://t.co/5z0p7v4M on #SoundCloud

  4. Rt @J_lyn6: @DjJohnQ sure was, j was in the house. - #datshhcray

  5. U a pimp... Wit a room mate! Lol #random

  6. Laughing at everybody that got hit in the mouth at the mall over a pair of J's this mornin!

  7. Lunch catered by Masterson's... TRILL!!!

  8. Some things you have to fight for, even when the fight is against your self!

  9. Rt @jamalhbryant: Don't prioritize your schedule.....only schedule your priorities! - 2011 Proverd! #truth

  10. Rt @reNUPEdfokus: Wen will Lane Bryant have a fashion show on tv? -Thou fool! ...but I'd watch! Lol

  11. Litteraly laughing out loud @SeanSmyph & @charles270 & the 2011 CHILLympics

  12. Networking with DJs via @GreenHitz!

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