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  1. Been rockin! Thanx for the clean versions!
  2. #ff @2stepsaheadent ...I know it aint friday, shut up! Lol

  3. My new sounds: Saturday Jan. 14th at Sol Aztecas -Stepping Up the Night Life- http://t.co/u3BWWcrD on #SoundCloud

  4. My new sounds: 1-14-12 60 Sec 2 Steps Ahead http://t.co/5z0p7v4M on #SoundCloud

  5. Rt @J_lyn6: @DjJohnQ sure was, j was in the house. - #datshhcray

  6. U a pimp... Wit a room mate! Lol #random

  7. Laughing at everybody that got hit in the mouth at the mall over a pair of J's this mornin!

  8. The track is good, the vocals are good, Plies is doing his common flow. Lady does not fit this material from what I hear. Her lyrics are not terrible, but the accent in her voice, her style of flow, pitch in her voice... none of it fits. Not saying she is horrible, but this whole song needs to go to another rapper or even a singer cause its hot minus her!
  9. Lunch catered by Masterson's... TRILL!!!

  10. Some things you have to fight for, even when the fight is against your self!

  11. Rt @jamalhbryant: Don't prioritize your schedule.....only schedule your priorities! - 2011 Proverd! #truth

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