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  1. hmm the most difficult team in the nba to make? i'm gonna go head and say, san antonio with all the veteran fire power

  2. They took up all the time!

  3. it sounds like salt trucks are out and i am wondering why

  4. another all nighter?

  5. ain't gon be no fxckin tonight! *marcus bennett voice*

  6. i swear up is my favorite justin bieber song..

  7. flat ironed my hair an it is looking luscious!

  8. i need to go check my mail to see if my momma sent that stuff

  9. chillin after such a wonderful shower :)

  10. tyler, tell yo gf to respond to me! @Words_Of_Advice

  11. and i am so damn serious.

  12. farah, they are grown boo boo. lmao just go have a seat on the irrelevant train.

  13. i heard 105 aka's crossed at mtsu.

  14. so next question, had chauncey never been traded, where would detroit be right now?

  15. if this hooka shasta change her avi one more time..

  16. i hate that i feel like i'm not being challenged enough by my professors smh

  17. mike tomlin's lineup is crispy

  18. i'd rather be with you, but you are not around..

  19. doing everything but studying. smh lol

  20. so if cp3 comes to nyc, what tf happens to chauncey? can detroit get him back please?

  21. I'm drained. This is crazy

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