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  1. roll tide..rematch life

  2. turn uuuup RT @iterryj: RT @JASMiNEdEE: so @KynDale and the cheerleader are twerking O_O

  3. http://t.co/mrdRCOf yeah i got to have this if it is ever produced

  4. nigga don't hit me on my nextel chirp @moneymitch256

  5. back in mobile..i had a great trip

  6. RT @Fly_Times: http://t.co/CjwWbNU if you slammed your finger in the car door earlier and missed it!

  7. this kid just said his ice cream is soggy. this is the same kid I almost choked.

  8. RT @Mr_iGotThis: We putting the whole world on. #BMB x #SS. It's a movement folks.

  9. on the preparation this morning...

  10. bong hits baby..oregonsfinest

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