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  1. Whatever happen to @irodagreat coming to the studio smh

  2. That's what a lot of money bring slick hating all over some green - @irodagreat

  3. Girl I do care about you just not your complaints lol

  4. Thanking god for waking me up and all my followers

  5. Been sleeping all day..... Feels like I'm hibernating or something lol

  6. Finn to be up for a while my love has fell asleep on me

  7. Finn to lay it down , I'm in for the day

  8. Finn get something to eat and head over to the studio

  9. Been m.I.a for a couple days , thought somethings over now I'm back to that savage life

  10. Trying so hard to keep my cool...

  11. What's the point....? Smh

  12. I need my blacklist right now

  13. Smh.... Shouldve just left my phone off

  14. I liked a @YouTube video from @CommanderTech1 http://t.co/a7186Xoi How to Install and Activate iOS 5 with out a

  15. lmao aw mane who gets stalked on skype..... i cant even get mad on that one

  16. Clutch mode Pruitt on the touchdown!!!!!

  17. Rt @irodagreat we both coming next time! Lol

  18. So they went to ihop without me lastnight lol that's messed up

  19. Old people funny , always saying some crazy stuff lol

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