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  1. 100 homie RT @Mario_YnF: This nigga @TaxFreeLee is dope.

  2. I just wanna get paid for making these tunes ya feel me

  3. At work on this Young Dolph its pretty cool I can rock wit this

  4. I think I need to go to the ER

  5. im sick as fuck right now stomach doing back-flips

  6. New Exclusive Track from Spank Lee "Nino Brown"(Freestyle) "Tax Free" Coming soon RETWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://t.co/nknbZOcC

  7. Aww mane we done made it baby RT @BookieYNBM: We doin numbers in my @TaxFreeLee voice http://t.co/AJxBObl7

  8. I need a cup of Gin & OJ

  9. I'm sick af sumbody help me NURSE!!!!

  10. RT @TaxFreeLee Check out this EXCLUSIVE track "What You Doing" from my upcoming mixtape "Tax Free" http://t.co/DKedd5Tc

  11. Right string wrong Yo Yo

  12. MIGRAINE I hate them mfs

  13. 100 RT @Samford_OVO: Ive been watching this shit since yesterday @TaxFreeLee @BookieYNBM yall did yall thang foreal.. http://t.co/scJiYgKP

  14. TAX FREE is like TRAP MUZIK by T.I #classic

  15. 47 minutes left and like a newborn I'm out this BITCH!!!!!!!

  16. 8ball and MJG played a big roll in my CD collection till this day

  17. Gotta promote safe sex mane lol RT @Samford_OVO: i just tell her see you later when im pulling off my rubber.. - @taxfreelee

  18. On cloud 9 relaxing, how about u?

  19. Imma throw a listening party for this shit

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