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  1. "@OmegaBlazeHD: That's gay. RT @Tragicbeauty927: @OmegaBlazeHD a girl doin push ups is gay ??????"

  2. Everyone keeps sayin they want to see more of me, but how's that supposed to happen when yall aint spreading the word about my music?

  3. Happy thanksgiving to all my fans in the states!! Have a great day and be very thankful for what the lord has blessed us with

  4. Sittin, chillin , can't record no track cause of this fuckin cold but when its over yall gettin a new song

  5. Girl I'll give u evrything wit only ur love in return / I don't want to be like usher, nd get my ass burned - Certified101 "love on my mind"

  6. I take a shower and everyone decides to follow me lol (I shower daily just saying) mention me and I'll follow you back people still comin in

  7. People keep sayin they get me 100+ follows if you follow 1 person then I do nd I only get a couple if yall can do it, do it then! #realshit

  8. My mom said she sowed my name in my gitch... So I signed everything over to fruit of the loom

  9. Off to bed! Peace twitter an it would be deadly to wake up to more the a hundred followers! Make it happen :)@TeamOneMillion

  10. "@Tasha_UKGodess: WHO WANTS 1000+ FOLLOWERS? FOLLOW @AngieNoJolie AND REPLY " DONE" FOR A PROMO"done

  11. "@WALMARTRICH: 10 MORE FOLLOW @DopeAssTrease REPLY "DONE" FOR A S/O" done!!!

  12. Talking football! For facebook fans comment BB or BC and twitter retweet who you think will win #BlueBombers

  13. I think I'm addicted to twitter anyways goodnight for real and a shout out to @GULLYKING82 and @iSnitched4Oreos for gettin me some follows

  14. Check this video out -- Want More? By:Certified101 http://t.co/8QWzsjiE via @youtube

  15. Gettin off twitter for a bit to record a new track. It'll be cool if I can see more followers when I get back @TeamFollowWack

  16. "@CyndiSlim: \_/ see that? its my cup of give a shit. and its empty." Lol that's some real shit right there haha

  17. Just downloaded the @RennyStevens mixtape and gotta say I got that #labels on replay son

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