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  1. for a real nigga . RT : @Forrest_804 @ButimNeNe get cake on twitter!

  2. My phone aint boomin at all. change dat

  3. I want you for christmas wita big red bow wrapped around yo' waist ;)

  4. “@Kitty_N_Vegas: Imma make a good wife...” swag

  5. niggas be eatin these hoes just to get some ass -_- , even worse, niggas be eatin these hoes and not even gettin any ass!

  6. If i was a watermelon would you spit or Swallow my seed?

  7. A-Wall Neverson on voxer.

  8. On my way to JFK . Imma miss new york man . Good place , back to VA in a few .

  9. imma need for you to chill LMAO “@ButimNeNe: Lol this nigga woke up in the middle of the night and said "I see birds!!"”

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