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  1. This Album/mixtape got some of the greates hits ever.Im singing and rapping on it #BASEDGOD Swag

  2. it seems like everyone is talking about the pats and eagles game right now so i should too..LGO PATS beat the Eagles

  3. I'm The Dreamer I'm The Believer

  4. I Learned Hennessy and Enemies is one hell of a mixtures.. HYFR(Hell Ya Fucking Right) - Drake Feat Lil Wayne #TakCare

  5. Yung Shaq - twerk Sum Gurl A STrip club bangers http://t.co/SqKh3aUq #Newmusic Freedownload #HOT

  6. Studio Time Dropping Two Tracks Tonight Stay Tuned..Bangers #takecare

  7. Check this video out -- New Boyz - Better With The Lights Off ft. Chris Brown (Official Video) (... http://t.co/aVuiqxGr via @youtube

  8. The one thing im looking forward to is MAC AND CHEESE because it a black thing food..Happy Thanksgiving Eve

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