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  1. If u wanna rap on my outro for my next #mixtape mention me in a post or send me a DM. (Tha beat is the interlude frm carter 4)

  2. Lol I mean my next mixtape is called #wanted

  3. Check this video out -- Whoppa - H.Y.F.R. (Remix) Ft. A.C http://t.co/JE3raX7U via @youtubeCheck dis out!!!@Liltwist@liltunechi#whoppa

  4. NBA LOCKOUT OVA!!!! SEASON STARTS DEC. 25 best Christmas present this year for me lol #Happy#Whoppa

  5. H.Y.F.R. (Remix) Ft. A.C by Whoppa via #soundcloud http://t.co/gAWNiFsYCheck This Out Everyone!! RETWEET@LiLBooty_Cheche

  6. Who wanna hop on my outro track for my #mixtape. It's tha interlude beat to carter 4. ( message me ). #whoppa#collab

  7. If u wanna collab wit me on a song mention me in a post or send me a message nd we could work.#whoppa#mixtape #wanted mixtape#collab

  8. Intro (Freestyle) by Whoppa via #soundcloud http://t.co/JM0i6XxRDis me jus freestlyin on tha intro beat from lil wayne tha carter 4. RT!!

  9. Thanks to everyone that sent me #instrumentals and #beats for my next #mixtape #wanted!! #whoppa

  10. On my way to bw3's

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