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  1. when you feel like your losing that when you need to start thinking like a winner #Imjustsaying

  2. you can't help those that will never want your help... no matter how much they mean to you #foodforthough

  3. #Respect to @MarionWrite , check out the post that @ThisIsLavie did on Marion for " Tell Me " http://t.co/4Kefy85Y

  4. In bed tring to get well watching this ''1000 ways to die '' #crazystuff

  5. WTF . No one makes me bleed my own blood ... no one RT @RSDJKayPlaya The crossfader on my mixer is bleeding... #AllBad

  6. Quesadilla + Cheese

  7. +++++++++++++++++++++

  8. Ill be @ 3 Kings tonite, come by and say hi.

  9. I had a great nap ... slow to get up and move to get sh*t done. Tonite maybe epic ... #whynot

  10. I guess Im at HardRock for the WTT for a private after party

  11. anyways #God bless you and your love ones

  12. Burn Notice marathon

  13. "What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

  14. #RESPECT last nite was bananas yo RT @shreddievegas S/O to the boi @DJGKid1 holding down #beautybar#Vegas tonight. Big moves ahead my guy

  15. God bless you all, thank you Vegas

  16. No sleep for a working DJ ... #soThankFulTho

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