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  1. I swear to god as mad as my mother makes me I NEED some weed in my mathafuckin system..I swear to god

  2. I'm making track with my father..right now

  3. Watching Tom & Jerry

  4. Lips and paper hahahaha!!

  5. I think one of the worse things you can say to someone is you "made them", you didn't make nobody..God made you

  6. Wyd nigga?...Bitch I'm texting nigga..who you texting? My bros, who you texting? These hoes, oh!

  7. aaaaand good night! Love yall

  8. Everybody wanna be a rapper smh..

  9. Hey go Check out "Jordan" at - http://t.co/vMY4NcO4

  10. Check out "KB" by Kevin Bailey - http://t.co/eOyoKG6v

  11. Check out "Jordan" by Kevin Bailey - http://t.co/vMY4NcO4

  12. GO check out the new track "KB" at - http://t.co/eOyoKG6v

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