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  1. Check out this video: JazFlow - Bang On Em - http://t.co/XBBNRDfU

  2. RT @Smoke_Mac: @FlowCaine same here.. Raising this bad ass boy and thankn God as each day progress brudda - that's all u need2 do bro

  3. I don't remember.....feelin like this

  4. It was all good jus a week ago...

  5. I know that touch you deep huh

  6. RT @wochee: “@CitySlicka_T: @wochee always taking pictures of ppl sleep need to take yo ass to sleep” u snooz u looz lol - I got sumn fa em

  7. RT @ChootemBoi: Nigga standing on his porch mugging with the gate closed - @FlowCaine lmao!! - u seen dat baw uh kmsl trippin

  8. RT @BrotherMob: I swear this nigga is the truth @Flowcaine(Jazflow) nasty flow new south

  9. "He used to watch alotta TV, nah he on TV, watchin his money while the women watchin him"

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