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  1. Anybody who talk down on tax season dumb yo parents must don't have an officially corporated occupation BUM ASS

  2. If I don't fuck witcha o well

  3. If u still listen to lil john #youaloser

  4. Basically she sayn she want a dopeboy!

  5. DECEMBER 10th its goin down!

  6. Man me and spade out dis bit skateboarding

  7. havent talked to oomf in a minute!

  8. I had to remaster that ynic

  9. 2 days frm goin to get tatted !

  10. fuck any body who say they dwn wit our movement main niggas who knockin it and shit! fuck yall!

  11. finna take a shower then call it a night !

  12. some times i wanna just get tatted up all of my arms and shit !

  13. They Still Wanna Incriminate Our Character Man That Aint RIght!

  14. already got the name finna get it copyrighted

  15. osiris knw he smoke dat head ache

  16. December 10th At THe All New Limitless ! Going Down All Females Bring Ya FriendS!

  17. yall knw damn well if we miss a day of school in jps they gone take a week off christmas ! #wtf

  18. Smoke Trees and Get Tall Like One!

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