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  1. Anybody who talk down on tax season dumb yo parents must don't have an officially corporated occupation BUM ASS

  2. If I don't fuck witcha o well

  3. If u still listen to lil john #youaloser

  4. Basically she sayn she want a dopeboy!

  5. DECEMBER 10th its goin down!

  6. Man me and spade out dis bit skateboarding

  7. havent talked to oomf in a minute!

  8. I had to remaster that ynic

  9. 2 days frm goin to get tatted !

  10. fuck any body who say they dwn wit our movement main niggas who knockin it and shit! fuck yall!

  11. finna take a shower then call it a night !

  12. some times i wanna just get tatted up all of my arms and shit !

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