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  1. Dont ever say to me that you need your space, ;^) Let me fill it, I need your space

  2. Somebody put a ring on it already.... Damn lol :(

  3. aaaand........ Be safe, GoodNight World

  4. About to try sleeping again...

  5. smh yup, im goin to bed yo, i just tweeted some dumb ish, i never say stuff like that -__-

  6. #RETWEET http://t.co/nhozmV0i #CLICK THIS LINK #REDZONE Something from me to you 2fall asleep to, I promise it will relax you. GoodNight ;)

  7. been seekin the girls who not for all that in between B S.. the limbo, either we kickin, just sexin, or we goin in on a relationship. clear

  8. I'm in a group video chat with 49 others - Click to watch or join: http://t.co/u79zuyt4

  9. Sittin here tryna write and its just not working at the moment.. Cuz I def wanna go out and do something else or chill wit a cute smart girl

  10. I think ima walk around the mall for a sec

  11. Time for me to sleep, Work in the Morn..... Gdnight ladies, World , Live Easy , Play Hard

  12. “@JohnBoy Too young for marriage, BUT too old for games!”

  13. “@CanISlapYOU “@Boss_Biggavel #Ladies STOP falling for jerks then wonder why you get hurt..””

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