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  1. I see right now this track will be dumping the streets this summer of 2017.
  2. I must admit once again, this is another one I slipped and slept on.
  3. Its been bumping the streets but I just want to grab it from here also.
  4. I must admit I slipped on this one BUT definitely will be bangging it out now.
  5. Rhianna jumed back in the game and is killing them.
  6. I dont understand why it seems that everyone is sleeping on Jeezy right now when he have some heat in the streets right now.
  7. Beating the clubs and parties down with this track.
  8. Its really no comment needed for this track because they knew it as well as all of us that its a hit. "ES-PBP"!
  9. Dont know exactly who these dudes are but its a track that can be squeezed in for a minute.
  10. This is a nice and sexy grown smooth grove, both the original and the remix.
  11. This single seems to be a hidden secret but it is hot. "ES-PBP"
  12. Migos are burning the streets UP!!!!
  13. This has that old school booty club feel to it. I will be spinning it.
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