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  1. add me on voxer... T.J Mills

  2. what the fuck just happened on madden bruh @Vp_rJ @_bussa_

  3. Oh yeah i meant sisters lol @embracetheACE_

  4. i still stand by my gotdamn lakers honestly

  5. Any of my followers got voxer

  6. Wow my granddad talkin and shit today....merry christmas honestly

  7. thats one added to the list

  8. Where i am 90 percent of the time at home... http://t.co/py9ijJ5r

  9. damn this iphone clean

  10. In the beauty supply bout to hit the money dance for my fam xmas presents

  11. Got some bread for a couple tracks today @MetroBoomin

  12. who tryin skype honestly

  13. this lil twist goin off

  14. i swear the Sidekick I had was the most abusive piece of equipment of all time bruh @_BUSSA_

  15. #np ross-mc hammer...honestly

  16. id hit snooki now

  17. This juicy j still goes off

  18. now followin @RAERAECAKE....#heybeautiful

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