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    A complex individual... Easily understood, but more easily misunderstood. I want a successful life, but the traditional way isn't the route I want to take. Following my dream, not the "American" one. Young rapper on the rise, ready to takeover the game. Deion Hawk AKA Mr. Feng Shui AKA (@Feng_Shwayze). Born in Alabama. 19 years young. What more can I say? Listen to my stories through my music Share it. Leave feedback, please!
  1. Please vote for my single 'I Do It' to be on the new Coast 2 Coast mixtape! Every vote counts! http://t.co/uzpIA0FA

  2. Please vote for Deion Hawk to be on the new Coast 2 Coast mixtape! http://coast2coastmixtapes.com/audiodetail.aspx?audioid=102620

  3. I Do It (Clean) http://www.reverbnat...w/song_10951780 I Do It (Explicit) http://www.reverbnat...w/song_10951817 'Like' my FB page http://www.facebook....234734303238629 Follow my lead https://twitter.com/...#!/feng_shwayze
  4. Follow me: twitter.com/feng_shwayze Check out my site: Deion Hawk Official Page Like my FB page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Deion-Hawk/234734303238629
  5. *belly flops into bed* On voxer, on iTunes #AtTheSameDamnTime

  6. Here I'm is! :) I was just finna tweet you! RT @_luckycharms20: where's my best friend Feng_Shwayze at?? i havent talked to him ALLL day !!

  7. #CheckMyFengShui http://t.co/l52ofnjQ #RBLMindset I appreciate and love everyone who's been supporting me! Keep it coming!

  8. RT @uniqueloves: Check out "I Do (Remix)" by Deion Hawk - http://t.co/r79seRF7

  9. *lights a couple* ^_^ RT @_SunniD_: 3 days and I'll be back in Atlanta! *dances* ^_^

  10. I Do (Remix) - @Feng_Shwayze http://www.reverbnation.com/play_now/song_11286820!! Go cop it now! Leave feedback! Tell me what y'all think!
  11. Check my remix! Lemme know what y'all think! Feedback, please! I Do (Remix)
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