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  1. Its early af wit nun 2 do

  2. The Warrior is a good ass movie #nolie

  3. Seen dat boy @Idreadlifestyle dread videos on youtube im comin 4 em though lol

  4. The stuff u hear an find out at wrk lol

  5. Is walmart ps3 on sale anybody

  6. Ion think nobody read between da lines like me an @Frye_CLEARLY lol.dat fb shit

  7. Deez niggas tweet jankin

  8. Trust no nigga like a heart broken female

  9. U make me so mad till i hate u so bad but i love u so much dat da breakups jus dnt last

  10. Jus woke up frm da best sleep eva

  11. "@lAwSoN_l0v3: RT @mikehardin251 "@lAwSoN_l0v3: Wrk wrk wrk"// dats my life (cuz thats jus,life") true dat but i love money money money

  12. Big money lifestyle so i like em big thick dnt wear lifestyles cuz i gotta big dick *webbie voice*

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