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  1. "Lets Get It" http://t.co/itzpb6bQ Hottest song in the country right now!!! Holla @ ya boi!! #TeamMarckJai #JBake on da Beat!!!

  2. GOD is so good... Club obsessions 2nite...Waka Flaka Flame Video shoot 2nite...I will be in the building!!! #TeamMarckJai #RLYPHIK

  3. Thankyou Yaweh #truReligion #TeamMarckJai...Red ribbon right side

  4. I hate a BITCH that HATE!!! U can't do shit 4 me! But U hate when sumbody else do? Get off yo ass & get you a life LOL poor excuse 4 a woman

  5. I remember @hisSUPERHOTgf Was my ACE back in highschool!! And yes I mean "HIGH" school!!!! LOL #RealRosta #TeamMarckJai

  6. Never been so excited to smoke a BLUNT!!! Stress kills... Loud kills stress... #RealRosta #TeamMarckJai #"Lets Get It" http://t.co/itzpb6bQ

  7. Just cause I can do something doesn't mean U have 2 try 2 do it 2. Maybe I am actually good at this!!Your embarassing yourself #BeYoOwnMan

  8. "Lets Get It" http://t.co/itzpb6bQ Song of the year!!! Yall check it out!! Play it 4 yo momma, auntie, whoever!!RealTalk..We doing Numbers!!

  9. when an idea comes to mind,then the opportunity comes at hand, you put your best foot foward & Kick it in the ass!!!! #TeamMarckJai #Rlyphik

  10. "Lets Get It"http://twitrax.com/s/cv2frx I always knew this song would be the life or the death of me..Damn it feels good 2B alive #2gifted

  11. "Lets Get It" http://t.co/itzpb6bQ MarckJai Hit Single of the Year!!! Performing Live this Friday @WishingWell in Stockbridge Ga(ATL)#YNGPAT

  12. Im on my shit right now...#marckjai #yngpat performing live this Friday@wishingwell...AGAIN!!!!

  13. Networking with DJs via @GreenHitz!

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